Within the competition, we talk about feamales in STEM sciences

Within the competition, we talk about feamales in STEM sciences

The focus that is main biographical articles on ladies boffins when you look at the STEM industry. But, the main topic of your competition may be interpreted more broadly and additionally welcome writings about ladies who aren’t researchers but they are mixed up in technical and normal sciences (for instance, business owners in this industry); overview topics (such as for example listings or articles about feamales in STEM as an idea).

If you should be not sure whether your article is entitled to the competition, consult the committee that is organizing stemwikimedia.org.ua or compose to your Wikimedia Ukraine venture Manager conversation web page.

  1. Ukrainian women in STEM
  2. Girls in STEM (articles about prominent schoolgirls and students that are female have actually achievements in STEM)
  3. Science promoters (articles about ladies who are notable for advertising technology in STEM fields).

Winners of unique nominations will receive person prizes.


Your competition is targeted at making ladies‘ achievements in science more noticeable. Both in Ukraine and throughout the world, the sciences, technologies and engineering continue to be male-dominated industries 1. To be able to deal with this instability which help ladies build careers in STEM, you should disseminate home elevators ladies‘ achievements when you look at the sciences. Wikipedia, among the many information that is popular in the whole world, is a vital platform because of this.

Assist decrease the general sex instability on Wikipedia, since articles about guys are http://www.brightbrides.net/greek-brides about four times more many compared to those featuring females. As an example, within the Ukrainian form of Wikipedia, the amount of biographical articles about women is not as much as 15percent of this final amount of biographical articles k 3. You want to alter that.


1. Sign up for Wikipedia (get your nickname) or indication in for your requirements.

2. Create or supplement articles on Wikipedia through the competition (you may use the recommended topics or select your own personal inside the basic theme regarding the competition).

3. Improve the content to satisfy at minimum the quality that is basic:

  • Articles needs to be initiated or enhanced by Wikipedia participants throughout the competition duration;
  • The writing of articles may well not contain device interpretation without prior proofreading;
  • Articles or improvements should really be at the least 3500 bytes in dimensions (on average 200-300 terms; the dimensions in bytes could be examined by pressing the View History tab near the top of the article);
  • Wikipedia is definitely an encyclopedia! Therefore, all articles should really be encyclopedic design;
  • Wikipedia has relevance requirements (in specific, particular requirements when it comes to prominence of boffins). The fundamental concept is in independent reputable sources that you can create a separate Wikipedia article about a person only if there are several publications about them;
  • Wikipedia doesn’t tolerate plagiarism! Consequently, articles should include text produced by the contestant and may not infringe copyright;
  • Wikipedia doesn’t enable research that is original! Consequently, articles must certanly be predicated on information formerly posted in reputable sources (newspapers/magazines/books, etc. ) and really should consist of links to those sources.

To learn more about how exactly to develop a Wikipedia article and guidelines, make use of the help web page.

4. Post the after line on the conversation web web page associated with the article:

(if you post a template into the article developed by someone else, modification for the nickname of this article writer)

Articles without this template may never be contained in the competition submissions.

4.1. If article participates in unique nominations, you ought to also placed on the discussion web page the template (for unique nomination «Ukrainian ladies in STEM») and/or (for unique nomination «Girls in STEM») and/or (for the unique nomination «Science promoter»).

5. This article can be enhanced prior towards the competition duration closing. The better article that is each when it comes to completeness and quality during the time of the termination of your competitors, the bigger likelihood of winning you’ve got.

6. Repeat actions 2 – 5 as frequently as you possibly can.

The jury is comprised of experienced Wikipedians (Wikipedia contributors) with expertise in STEM or gender studies, in addition to invited experts.

Brunei is really A ukrainian scientist in the areas of biology plus the reputation for technology, composer of about 20 Wikipedia articles on boffins in Ukrainian.

Helixitta is just A ukrainian scientist in the world of biology.

Krutyvuss – Associate PhD of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor of Political Science, Law and Philosophy, specialist of this European Union Project „Equal possibilities and Women’s Rights in Ukraine“ (2008-2011), implementer of this EU Erasmus+ Project „Gender Studies Curriculum: one step for. Peace and democracy in EU-Neighboring Countries with Different Traditions” (2015-2019).

Tohaomg is really a Bachelor in Computer Science, a factor to engineering and technology associated topics.

Nataliya Martynenko is just Program Assistant on Youth and correspondence during the us Population Fund Representative workplace in Ukraine.

Tamara Martseniuk is really a sociologist, a professional in gender studies, a lecturer in the nationwide University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy.

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