Lena the plug lets bf have intercourse together with her friend that is best!

Lena the plug lets bf have intercourse together with her friend that is best!

It is formally the growing season of intercourse tapes therefore the latest to leak is the fact that of controversial YouTuber, Lena Nersesian aka Lena the Plug and her boyfriend Adam Grandmaison aka Adam22. When you look at the video clip, the controversial Youtuber sometimes appears providing her heavily tattooed boyfriend a blow work before continuing to just take their cock from behind and begging he actually does for him to cum on her face, which. She seems completely conscious like she knew what she was doing that she is being recorded and actually seems to enjoy it which gives the idea.

Bad girl

Which in fact wouldn’t come as a shock. Often camsloveaholics.com/shemale/young-18/ year that is last Lena produced controversial declaration whenever she promised that she’d to produce intercourse tape, but as long as her YouTube channel hit 1 million members. She stated at that time: “You may or might not have heard that i will be thinking about creating a intercourse tape once I hit a million readers. ” She thought that the intercourse tape wouldn’t count as porn as it would include somebody she had been sleeping with, however it’s clear there’s nothing she won’t do in order to gain as much members as you are able to.

While making the statement, she couldn’t resist blinking her goodies to her watchers as she stated: “i’ve been approached to complete porn multiple times within the last few 12 months, placing provocative photos on the net will bring you such offers, however it’s never been something I’ve been thinking about or tempted by, ” she stated before incorporating, “I don’t might like to do porn and I also obviously have no fascination with carrying it out. But a intercourse tape with somebody that I’m seeing and completely comfortable sex that is having – that seems cool to me. If you wish to see me get fucked, then chances are you should sign up for my channel. ”

She later defended her statement, claiming that she wasn’t searching for popularity. She insisted that she along with her boyfriend are available about intercourse in comparison to other couples. But, this indicates become certainly one of her numerous internet antics to improve her profile and at some point, she allowed her closest friend to possess a threesome because she wanted her to have a feel of her boyfriend’s penis with her and her boyfriend just. You can invent the expression ‘oversharing’ in such circumstances.

“Girls and dudes share their intimate tales with one another. Friends tell one another everything, ” Lena explained. “I tell her every thing, now we don’t need certainly to inform her. She can simply take to their penis. ” Before the romp, she confirmed that she along with her buddy had collaborated on a cock, citing another event involving an ‘A-list rapper’ whom invited them to his household where they had an ‘awkward threesome. That it was maybe not the very first time’

She actually is a typical exemplory instance of a ‘bad girl’ that the culture wants to hate along with her YouTube channel description shows someone who is unafraid of debate. It reads: YouTube reads ‘Come for the booty, remain for my irresistible charm. ’ Many people dislike her boldness, nevertheless the interest in her channel is proof that more than simply some people admire her straightforward mindset and her neglect for societal norms.

Things you must know about Lena the plug

She spent my youth in a conservative home: you might not understand it from her videos, but Lena actually was raised in a conservative household where intercourse wasn’t even talked about. In reality, her moms and dads still insist she’s making the incorrect alternatives.

The person into the intercourse tape is really a other youtuber, and the 2 have already been a few since 2016. After Lena’s videos leaked, Adam had written on Twitter, “I have telephone calls blocked back at my phone now therefore don’t call me anymore. ”

Based on her Facebook web page, Lena studied therapy during the University of Ca, Santa Cruz, where she graduated cum laude with a GPA of 3.69 in 2013. While she ended up being invited towards the graduation college, she couldn’t pay the $80,000 charge. Her parents think that she’s wasting her bachelor’s degree and she may have proceeded to graduate college whenever she had the opportunity.

As a result of controversial nature of her articles, Lena needs to constantly fight to help keep her Instagram page online. “I never ever delete my Instagram web page, i simply can’t appear to keep it. I usually get reported and flagged on Instagram, and my web page gets turn off, and I also need certainly to fight to have it straight right back, ” she claims.

The one that is last pretty apparent: she’s got drawn plenty of critique on the web, much more for her sex tape promise. Instantly she made the intercourse tape vow; one user published: “You’re making yourself look worthless and cheap. You’re perhaps perhaps not going to be the following Kim K. ” She additionally courted critique whenever she advertised that there is no nagging issue enabling her boyfriend to possess a threesome together with her friend because she had seen sufficient pics of their cock. One individual wrote: “Just with them to comprehend. Since you speak about your lover does not suggest your pals all have to sleep” others have now been downright abusive, calling her a ‘slut’ and a ‘whore. ’


Even while this controversial babe claims that the way in which she actually is getting her cash isn’t precisely one thing she actually is passionate about, however it permits her enough time and economic freedom to complete things this woman is passionate about, and that is one to judge her anyhow?