8 Tips to Enhance Slow Windows Reserved Storage Work After Virus Removal

Step 2. Check The Program Files And Appdata Folders

So while Registry cleaners or compressors may have had some benefit earlier, in the recent versions of Windows its use is not generally recommended by Microsoft. The Windows Registry is a place where you will find all the settings for your operating system. It contains information for all the hardware and software, along with user preferences. The Registry isn’t simply one large file, but a set of discrete files called hives, primarily located in the system32 folder.

Old unnecessary programs, toolbars and trial versions, software that came preinstalled in your PC… they take up space and can cause trouble down the road. The speed of your Internet connection is also a big problem for many people. Having a slow Internet connection is not only annoying but also incredibly frustrating. You can use a registry cleaner to boost the speed of your Internet by fixing all the damaged settings that often cause the connection to run slow.

How it can sometimes manifest itself is with an application simply not behaving as it used to, a program feature that no longer launches. A good basic tutorial on getting started with the registry can be found here (you’ll notice that at the bottom of that article they share a very familiar opinion of registry cleaners ). Microsoft also has good resources here as well as here and here.

  • JetClean is a lightweight and easy to use registry cleaner tool.
  • It’s easier than perusing through Chrome’s increasingly-annoying settings menu.
  • The tool helps you to clean your unwanted damaged file history in a fast and reliable way.
  • The software helps you to removes system junk files and improves your PC performance.
  • So how does this relate to the CCleaner supply chain attack earlier this week?

Resolving Registry Corruption

While some of those Microsoft resources are for Windows XP, they still apply to newer Windows versions as well. If you need to restore the registry later on simply run the program again and this time select the Restore Registry tab and use the drop-down menu next to where it dinput8.dll – WikiDll says Select Backup To Restore (#). You can either restore the entire registry from your backup(s) or you may select specific registry files (hives) to restore; if you aren’t sure what to choose simply use the default option to restore all of it. Once you restart your PC your registry will be restored.

Best Registry Cleaner Software For Windows 10, 8, 7

Many people don’t realize how many registry settings are needed to make your Internet run faster, and by cleaning out all these settings, it will make your PC run much smoother and more reliably. After Opening the Registry Editor, go to "HKEY_CURRENT_USER" and select "Software".